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Himalayan Cooking Salt - Funky Monkey 600g

Himalayan Cooking Salt - Funky Monkey 600g

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These differences can have a major impact on staying healthy.

If we want our bodies to funtion properly we need holistic SALT complete with All-Natural elements. Today's common salt has nothing in common with natural salt.

Funky Monkey Himalayan Salt is over 250 million years old. It is the purest salt available and is uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants.

Funky Monkey from the Himalayas is known as "PINK GOLD". Himalayan Crystal Salt offers all the natural elements identical to the elements in our body.

The Benefits of natural Himalayan Crystal SAlt Include.

Regulating the water content throughout the body Promting a health pH balance in your cells which benifits our general health and well being

Himalayan Salt is loaded with 84 trace elements for the body. Great for cooking and you can taste the difference. Bring out a whole

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