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Conditioner Base 1l- Essential Therapeutics

Conditioner Base 1l- Essential Therapeutics

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The companion to our Shampoo Base, Essential Conditioner Base is a light, nourishing conditioner for all hair types, containing only natural coconut and palmoil conditioning agents.

For dealing with hair and scalp complaints, Essential Conditioner Base is a more effective base to use than shampoo, as you can leave it on for just a few minutes or even overnight. This allows beneficial ingredients to penetrate fully into the hair and scalp for best effect.

Sample formula  -  Nourishing Panthenol Conditioner  -  for 260mL total
An excellent formula for dry and damaged hair
Essential Conditioner Base – 250mL  *  Jojoba oil -5 mL  *  Panthenol (Vitamin B5)- 5 mL

Essential oils of: True Lavender – 10 drops  *  Geranium, Egypt – 10 drops  *  Australian Sandalwood – 10 drops (approximately 1mL total)

Although the ingredients can simply be blended into the conditioner base, to allow you to pour the finished conditioner back into a bottle, warm the Conditioner Base to about 50° C (until liquid) and then blend in additional ingredients, using a conventional or a ‘stick’ blender. Pour into the bottle and the conditioner will thicken upon cooling.

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