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Bi-carbonate of Soda 1kg

Bi-carbonate of Soda 1kg

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Aside from acting as a leavening agent in baking, sodium bicarbonate can be used for many wonderful things. It is a fantastic deodoriser, can be used cleaning product, low cost and natural toothpaste. Aluminium free.


Multipurpose deodorant.
pH control and balance.
DIY toothpaste.
Tooth whitener.
Bush soaking solution.
Helps with gout.
Natural scrub.
Body exfoliator.
Skin softener.
Shoe cleaner.
Insect bites and itch soother.
Sunburn relief.
Fire extinguisher.
Hand wash.
Nappy rash relief.
Cloth nappy cleaner.
Barbecue cleaner.
Microwave oven cleaner.
Linen freshener.
Mouth freshener.
Sponge freshener.
Cold sore relief.
Silver polish.
Skin, toilet, tub cleaner.
Cast surface cleaner.
Greace removal.
Cat litter box cleaner.
Wash fruit and veggies.
Sweeten and tomatoes.
Vacuum cleaner oder killer.
Window cleaner.
Trash can deodoriser.
Windshield rain repellent.
Helps flowers last longer.
Bee and jellyfish sting relief.
Refrigerator oder killer.
Carpet and a upholstery cleaner.
Carpet Deoderiser


Allergen Statement This product is packaged on machinery used for a variety of dry goods and may contain traces of peanuts, tree nuts, soy or sesame.

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