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Shower Gel 1l- Essential Therapeutics

Shower Gel 1l- Essential Therapeutics

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An excellent “all-over” cleanser for the bath or shower, based on mild, coconut oil-derived cleansing agents of ammonium laureth sulfate and cocomidopropyl betaine. Contrary to many books and websites that detail the ‘hazards’ of laureth sulfates, ammonium laureth sulfate is actually a very mild cleansing agent (milder than lauryl sulfates), especially when combined with cocomidopropyl betaine (very mild) and it contains no toxic by-products. Essential Shower Gel is suitable both as a body wash and as a mild shampoo.

Essential Shower Gel is suited to be used as is or with the addition of pure essential oils. From 0.5% to 2% additional essential oils can be added. The most effective way to add oils to the shower gel is to mix one part of essential oil with four parts of our Essential Solubiliser first. Then, simply mix into the shower gel. There may be a change to the consistency and colour of the shower gel based on the essential oils and dosages used.

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