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Don Tolman

Salt Scrub (Orange Mint Scent) 225g

Salt Scrub (Orange Mint Scent) 225g

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Salt & Oil Scrub is one of the "Spa beauty like Treatments". It is enriched with our Ra See Salt. This salt and oil scrub gently exfoliates dry skin stimulating cell renewal. ReNew Salt Scrub has a unique blend of refreshing nature oils that moisturize your skin for a healthy, rejuvenated glow. Anyone in the world searching for relaxation, relief and healing will love the magical concentration of the 26 essential minerals nature puts into our Ra See Salt (12 of which do not exist in any other sea salt or ocean salt in the world that has been studied). Ra See Salt is a high purity, food grade salt formed in porous, star-shaped modified cubes. Its unique and diverse physical properties result in low bulk density, a rapid dissolving rate, exceptional flow characteristics, strong blendability, unmatched liquid adsorption and a quick, salty sensation.

1. Step into a bathtub or shower and put on loofah mitts. I like the loofah (plant) exfoliating gloves that you get in health food stores. They really scrub your skin good. If you don’t have a bath mitt, don’t worry; you can use your hands.

2. Take a scoopful of the mixture into your palms or your gloves and then rub the mixture all over your body in a circular motion. For tougher areas such as the knees, soles and elbows, spend extra time scrubbing. On places like the chest, neck, and stomach; where the skin is thinner, take it easy with the scrubbing mitts and/or just use your hands instead, or use a washcloth to exfoliate. If you feel the salt is too harsh on your skin, rinse off the bath mitts and then spoon only the oil that floats to the top onto the mitts to continue.

3. Once your entire body is scrubbed well, rinse thoroughly.

4. Pat skin dry. You should be good and cleansed. The Ra See Salt should have exfoliated your skin nicely with the help of the loofah and the oils should leave your skin soft and moisturized. You shouldn’t even need to follow the bath with a moisturizer. For extra dry skin be sure to apply some of Cowboy Don’s “Divine” body butter.

5. Warning: The only bad part about this scrub is the oil can build up on the bathtub bottom. Make sure to clean it up so the next person who gets in doesn't slip and fall.

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