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Is it gluten-free? An A-Z of things gluten-free - Carole Hofflin
Is it gluten-free? An A-Z of things gluten-free -  Carole Hofflin

Reviews for Is it gluten-free? (1st edition):-
‘Whether you are following a gluten-free diet yourself, or perhaps are responsible for preparing meals for someone who is, this title should be an invaluable addition.’
Liz Cincotta, The Age, Epicure 1/08/2006
‘This book can be recommended to dietitians who are not immersed in this area of dietetics...
The indications of whether or not the product is gluten-free will make it a good reference book to have on hand.’
Kim Faulkner-Hogg, Nutrition & Dietetics V64, N2, June 2007
 What you've said...
‘Hofflin’s A-Z was my bible when I was first diagnosed- it’s brilliant!
I still go back to it every now and then when I’m not sure about an ingredient.’
Nik (facebook 15/11/2008)
‘I cannot recommend Is it gluten-free? enough to people with Coeliac Disease.
It is one of the most informative and easy-to-find-information on ingredients books I have come across.’
Nigel (Blackstone, QLD, 2008)
‘At the present time I have Is it gluten-free? (2nd edition) on loan from the Brisbane City Library and I’m SOOO... impressed with it I think I’ll have to make it my bible.’
Maureen (Brisbane, QLD, 2010)
'I didn't know where to begin... your book has been an enormous help in my understanding of just what is gluten-free and what isn't.'
Michelle, Alice Springs, NT




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