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Triticale Flour Organic 1kg
Triticale Flour Organic 1kg

Triticale is a type of flour ground from a high protein hybrid grain produced by crossbreeding wheat and rye and is higher in protein than either the wheat or the rye.  It also has a stronger nuttier flavor than wheat.

Pronounced “trit-i-KAY-lee”, the name is a combination of the Latin botanical names of wheat and rye – “triti,” referring to triticum for wheat and “cale”, referring to secale for rye.

Triticale is a healthy grain with a high protein content and a better amino acid balance than either of the parent grains.  It's Lysine content is higher than wheat and stores well for long periods of time, up to a year sealed and in a freezer.

In yeast bread dough Triticale flour has better handling properties than rye flour, but does not handle well as a wheat dough.  Because of it's weaker gluten content, when making leavened breads, you should use at least 50% wheat flour to ensure a good rise.  But Triticale Flour can be used to make yeast breads without the addition of wheat.

If you use 100% Triticale flour, mix your ingredients, knead 3-5 minutes (about half the time as with wheat), shape it, and let it rise one time only until almost, but not completely doubled (about 45 minutes), then bake it.

Nutritional Information per 100g
Energy 1414Kj
Protein 13.00g
Fat total 2.09g
-saturated <1.00g
-total 75.00g
-sugars 6.20g
Sodium 2.70mg



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