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Avocado Oil Organic- Melrose 250ml
Avocado Oil Organic- Melrose   250ml

Melrose Organic Avocado Oil is cold pressed from the flesh of the avocado fruit grown in central Queensland. This oil is rich in Vitamins, A, B & D and lecithin. Melrose Organic Avocado Oil is very similar to Olive Oil, which is a basis of the healthy Mediterranean diet. The key similarity being that Avocado oil is very rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and extremely low in saturated fat. It also contains no cholesterol.

Good quality oils need to be expeller-pressed at temperatures below 45oC and not solvent extracted. They should not be subjected to high heat temperatures, deodorizing, bleaching or alkali refining. Melrose Organic Unrefined oils are produced by pressing seeds or fruit at less than 40oC. The oil is then bottled under nitrogen and packed in amber containers to reduce both photon and auto-oxidation preserving both the nutritional value and the fresh taste.

Hints and Tips:

What is the best way to use Melrose Organic Avocado Oil?

Possessing a mild nutty flavour, Avocado oil is a tasty and healthy choice when used as a base for salad dressings and oil marinades. Avocado oil must never be heated as bitter flavours will develop.

Cold Pressed Avocado Oil readily penetrates the skin and its extremely high vitamin and mineral content nourish dry climate-abused or ageing skin. To nourish the skin, massage a portion of avocado oil into the skin using a warm face cloth to remove excess oil.

Ingredients:100% Organic Avocado Oil




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