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Oscar Neo DA 1000 Juicer
Oscar Neo DA 1000 Juicer

The Oscar Neo Juicer
Juice your fruits and extract more vital juice than previous models. The Neo juicer produces a larger supply of nutrients and improved benefits to your health.
The Oscar Neo Juicer is a Vegetable Juicer
The Oscar Neo still generates the highest amount of vital enzymes due to its pulp adjustment nozzle when juicing vegetables like celery, carrots, peppers, radishes, cabbage, and kale. In fact, all vegetables including leafy greens such as parsley and spinach.
The Oscar Neo as a Medicinal Juicer
Use the Oscar Neo juicer for medicinal purposes. You can juice Wheatgrass and aloe leaves as well as juice pine needles and other medicinal herbs.
The Oscar Neo can make Pasta
The range of nozzles available are quick and easy to use. The Oscar Neo can make pasta, fresh noodles, soups, bread sticks with very little effort!
The Oscar Neo can mince and blend
Make organic baby foods, purees, or soft foods for palliative care. They are easy to prepare with the Blank Screen provided. The Neo Juicer chops and minces herbs and seasonings as well as garlic, scallions, red pepper, ginger, radish and many other foods.
The Oscar Neo makes healthy deserts and nut butters
You can make healthy desserts and sorbets without feeling guilty that they are crammed with extra nutrition that are 100% natural. You can also make a range of Nut Butters. Try cashew, hazelnut, hommus and tahinis!

Benefits To Your Health
The health benefits of juicing are well known. The Oscar Neo Juicer preserves the features of our previous models with a single gear, 3 step auger crushing system that maximises the life of vital nutrients and keeps them alive for up to 48 hours. Cold Press Juicers retain the maximum amount of nutrients by unlocking key elements from the fibre within fruit and vegetables.
You will enjoy making healthy juices with the best juicer on the market and preparing juices that are tasty and full of the right nutrients for your body. Natural juices do not contain the level of sugar and other additives that contribute to weight gain. If you feel you are overweight, have high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol and would like to implement a juicing plan you will enjoy preparing juice recipes that are incredibly tasty and healthy.
Cold Press Juice is a great concentrated source of energy that can help fight diseases. It can substitute solid foods whilst fasting, improve muscle recovery, decrease toxicity, reduce incidences of heart disease, diabetes, and cancers as well as improve overall health conditions to help live healthier and happier over an extended life span.

The Oscar Neo Juicer is the best domestic juicer for health and the most improved single gear juicer available. It is a great value juicer, provides a larger amount of pulp-free juice and keeps the vital nutrients alive for up to 48 hours.
The Neo juicer has been improved with more durable and stain free parts
It is fully insulated for safety and to prevent corrosion
It maintains the effective 3 step auger crushing and squeezing system that provides the maximum amount of pulp free juice
This Juicer does not destroy and waste enzymes through heating because it uses a system that crushes and squeezes juice and vegetables, similar to cold pressing
The Neo juicer offers continuous juicing and will not clog as it expels pulp from the front of the juice machine
You will also benefit from minimal wastage as the juicer squeezes every last drop of moisture from fresh produce
The Oscar Neo's gentle, slow-turning action produces greater quantities of juice and retains more vitamins, minerals,enzymes and fibre!
What is included with your NEW Oscar Neo Juicer:
Oscar Neo DA 1000 Motor Base
Ultem Juicing Strainer Screen
Ultem Mincing Screen
NEW Ultem Pulp Adjustment Nozzle
Stain resistant Ultem Auger or Screw
6 x Mincing and Pasta Outlets
2 x 1L juice and pulp containers/jugs
Tamper and Cleaning Brush
User Manual and Recipe Book



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