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Four Leaf Stabilised Organic Rolled Oats 800g
Four Leaf Stabilised Organic Rolled Oats 800g

What is the difference between Stabilized and Unstabilized Oats?

UNSTABILIZED oats are rolled as raw kernels. STABILIZED Oats are subjected to steam for a short time, then rolled. We have 3 lines of oats for you to choose from;
Original Rolled Oats:
These are rolled raw oat kernels, and make a fantastic creamy Porridge!
Stabilized Rolled Oats:
These are oat kernels that are steamed before being rolled. They make a chewier porridge as the flakes remain more whole. Best for biscuits, or commercial Muesli.
Tender Rolled Oats:
These oat kernels are processed the same as stabilized rolled oats, but are rolled 'flatter' and create a thinner oat.




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